Gujral Residence

Crafting a combination of lavish interior spaces with an appealing exterior elevation, the house is an example of building an extremely luxurious premise using vertical spatial elements to define volume rather than the sprawling site on the ground. Landscaped courts along with terraces and balconies attached to the rooms of the house maintain an air of openness and lightness within the house. Natural light flows from large windows and double height spaces, preventing the inside spaces from appearing closed and restricted. Free and easy movement along the circulation corridors and the large staircase contribute in keeping the house extremely comfortable yet luxurious. The residence is a happy and relaxed getaway for the Gujral family from the hustle of the city.

Location:   Karolbagh, New Delhi

Area:   11,889 sq.ft.

Client:   Gujral and Sons

Year:   2016