Ahmed Residence

Conceived as a knockdown project, the Ahmed residence in Noida is designed as a sample modular house for ‘interior craft engineered homes’- an engineered house with almost no wet works. The engineering and detailing of these homes is such that they can be created super-fast and all the elements are assembled strategically to transform it into a living space. A one of its kind pilot project, it is designed to be a more durable, safe and cost-effective solution, whilst providing comfort and luxury. Also, designed to be fire-resistant and weather-resistant, the house is characterized with good sound insulation and is termite proof. Being an assembled house, it is easily detachable, whilst being light in weight. Its speedy construction reduces the construction time to 1/4th of a normal brick house and on completion, such houses look like any other regular house. The format and technology is innovative in its approach and is expandable in the future for a quick and cost-effective solutions.

Location:   Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Area:   6746 sq ft

Client:   Mr. Anees Ahemad

Year:   2010