Redefining Salon Interiors | Changing Paradigm

Changing paradigm of “Luxury Salon Design Solutions” becoming increasingly engaging

Within the current context of continuously evolving lifestyles, luxury salons are springing up by the dozen, almost as often as the restaurants. The interior design of Salons therefore, is becoming increasingly important and has moved beyond the basic premise of ‘Look good, feel good’. With the society constantly moving towards achieving a ‘more luxurious lifestyle’, spending time in salons has become an important recreational activity for both men and women. This in turn has crafted a need for engaging salon design solutions, where the spatial arrangement and décor play an integral role in influencing people’s behavior and actions. This implies that the design of the place has the capability to enable the overall experience of visitors as being more relaxing and memorable.



It is often observed that people are more likely to stop at brightly lit-up petrol pumps with the assumption that the toilets would be cleaner and are more likely to walk into an attractively done up, clean restaurant as they would feel re-assured of the food being served. This demonstrates the impact of décor and design on people’s behavior and actions. Creating a niche in design and in the burgeoning success of the salon industry, DCA Architects have excelled in crafting comprehensive salon environments that are customer-centric, functional, aesthetically pleasing and strongly supportive of unique brand identities. Our expertise in creating designs have characterized many popular salon identities of the top brands across India- such as Looks, AN John, Enrich Salons, Mirrors Salon.