Residence for Anand’s

Within the residential morphology of urban NCR, retrofitting and redesign of homes today is often an opportunity to innovate the creation of an Eco-friendly residential domain. The client brief called for a proposal that would restructure the home that is adaptable to the current needs of the family. Therefore, the spatial intervention develops the rooms and spaces, in line with the design brief and accommodates the present and foreseeable individualistic requirements of three generations of the family that were to inhabit the building. Within the parameters of the existing structure of the building, changes were implemented to optimize the space and bring in natural light into the interiors by pulling down some walls, repositioning them and modifying the windows. An attempt to blend the traditional and the modern in a contemporary urban home with an architectural play of natural light and shadow enables a warm, timeless feel of this uber-chic home.


Location:   New Delhi

Area:   3900 sq.ft.

Client:   Aarti and Vishal Anand

Year:   2014