Abhishek Zaveri

The store ‘Abhishek Zaveri’ is an epitome of grandeur within the context of conventional and modern Indian high-end jewelry. Located in the Iscon Centre of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, this eclectic showroom is a manifestation of the luxe elements and exquisiteness that is symbolic of the brand ethos. The layout of the inherited site was long and narrow, which in spatial planning has been sliced into different zones. The first zone is small with a grand entrance foyer followed by the large retail zone that houses the jewelry collection and a narrow space that houses the toilet/pantry. This zoning is also reminiscent of old temple layouts which had zones and transitions planned in a similar manner.


Location:   Iscon Center, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Area:   1282 sq.ft.

Client:   Mr. Abhishek Zaveri

Year:   2015