Bholanath Jewellers

Bholanath Jewellers is one of the oldest names in the legacy of the organized jewelry sector in North India.  Situated in heart of the Lutyen’s Delhi, in Connaught Place, the store is spread over an area of 1200 sq ft. The store comes for a rich legacy of selling and designing jewelry and is intended to reinforce this spirit through the store design. Crafting a fusion of the antique and the modern, the store design focuses on its rich history, whilst being contemporary in its aesthetic. The integration of antique with modern, has been incorporated in the design all through the interior elements by keeping them classic in nature, and utilizing modern colors and textures. The display counters and wall mounted display panels showcase the elaborate collection to its entirety.

Location:   Cannaught Place, New Delhi

Area:   1200 sq.ft.

Client:   Mr Rajesh Khanna