Centre for Traffic Management

Designed for the World Traffic Congress being held in India for the first time, this auditorium in the College of Traffic Management is spread across an area of approx. 8000 sq ft. The congress has always been held in Geneva, Switzerland, and being the first year, when it was being held in another country- India, the auditorium has been designed specially to host this prestigious event and to do justice to the accolade. Inheriting an odd-shaped site, especially for the functionality of an auditorium, Group DCA faced multiple challenges owing to the shape. With a linear and narrow site proportion of around 1:6, the challenge was converted to an opportunity by laying out the seating dexterously to achieve efficient results.

Location:   Faridabad, Haryana

Area:   2829 sq.ft.

Client:   Institue of Road Traffic Education

Year:   2013