Chandan Sparsh

Chandan Sparsh is a luxury spa and wellness center located in the urban colony of New Delhi-  GreaterKailash II. The mention of a spa, imparts a sense of tranquility and serene to the inner self. The design approach has been earthy and simple to highlight the core value of the spa. Designed as a unisex salon with separate treatment areas for both men and women, it takes inspiration from the name itself. ‘Chandan’ means sandal wood, and ‘Sparsh’ refers to a ‘delicate touch’. Together, they manifest themselves in a soothing ambience of the salon and aim at creating a tranquil environment. Being India’s first Pan-India chain of day-spas, the brand emphasizes the native ethos and the importance of sandalwood. The props add finesse to the overall aura of the spa and put together it crafts an experience to remember.

Location:   Greater Kailash-II, New Delhi

Area:   5000 sq.ft.

Client:   M/S Surya Vinayak Industries Lt

Year:   2009