Dayal Opticals

The store is renovated to command attention and provide a sense of arrival for the optical showroom. A neutral color palette serves as backdrop to the striking envelops for each designed piece in display. Reflective wooden panels, grey and white lacquers and a generous barisol ceiling compliment the horizontal lines of the store. This is further accentuated by the track lights -edge mounted on the floating ceiling. Custom  – designed cabinets appear floating in the show window, welcoming the customers into the store. The dramatic effect of the window is achieved by dividing them into three smaller frames to justify the rich list of designers that Dayal Opticals houses. The drama of the windows gets contained by the grey finished borders camouflaging the access doors in style. Concealed lighting for the windows creates the drama during the day and more so during  the late hours delighting the window shoppers.

Location:   Khan Market ,New Delhi

Area:   300 sq.ft.

Client:   Mr. Navneet Kalra

Year:   2011