DCA Studio

Designed as a studio space for an Architecture and Design firm within an existing warehouse structure, the main challenge was to retain as much of the original structure as possible, while retrofitting the interior to meet the stringent parameters laid out in the design brief created by the firm partners. The space was to be day-lit as far as possible and needed to provide a naturally ventilated and flexible work space for a growing team of design professionals, while fostering a high level of interaction. Conceived as a box within a box, the office space provides engaging spaces for both private and communal use, fostering a sense of creative continuity, allowing spaces for brainstorming and focused work alike. The executed design successfully employs a complex layering of spatial hierarchies that caters to the flexibility essential for a growing design services firm.

Location:   Sultanpur, New Delhi

Area:   5000 sq.ft.

Client:   Group DCA

Year:   2012