“Gipsy”  a wanderer, a dreamer or bohemian, refers to a state of mind regarding fashion that is individual, romantic, and free-spirited. Group DCA wanted to rise up to the challenge of designing a store that captured this spirit in its true sense. The rustic stone floor, the hanging stretched fabric over your head, the furniture in the form of loosely lying wooden trunks, movable stands on wheels, hanging mirror on rough, natural walls-all relate to and reinforce the bohemian, free-spirited nature of the brand and its targeted clientele. The tent-like trial rooms, firewood stack, rusted iron cash desk with the floating butterflies (another application of the brand logo) further enhance and capture this spirit.


Location:   DLF Place- Saket,New Delh

Area:   416.5 sq.ft.

Client:   Mr Terloch Singh

Year:   2014