J.J. Expo

Set in an intense landscape within a suburban context at the Hosiery complex in Noida, the proposed office is the headquarters of J.J. Export house. The conceived design is intended to lend a unique identity to the brand through its architecture and form, while housing its basic functionalities and needs of a corporate office. Emerging from the ground floor as a stilt area that becomes the core of the office, being primarily used for staff interaction, the built form rises up to accommodate the other functions. The upper floors accommodate the office space and showroom, which are all connected with a central, conical atrium. The atrium serves as the heart of the floor plate and lends light and transparency between floors, as an essential feature within the office setting, thus making the building block introverted and energetic from within. The intent is to make an inclusive, yet interactive environment, that is sustainable in its roots.

Location:   Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Area:   28448 sq.ft.

Client:   J.J.Expo Impo

Year:   Proposed