JD Office

Designed for this changing concept of workspaces, is a collaborative co-working space in South Delhi, the ‘JD office.’ Built on a double format workspace with an area of 550 sq.ft, the space is designed to accommodate several startups and small companies, accommodating their varying needs. Planned as a project that would function on a leasing model, a major consideration in the design was ‘Value Engineering’- i.e. the ratio of function to cost, with an intent of strategizing a scheme in ways that would deliver the best design within a minimal financial investment. To ensure this, group DCA crafted a vocabulary and design that would ‘maximize the bang for the available buck’. The design intent has been to create a trendy, easy to move-in office space, that is high on design. Thus, a varied use of materials, colors, textures along with suitable lighting create a symphony within the space, thereby accentuating the design quotient

Location:   Saket, New Delhi

Area:   500 sqft

Client:   JD Solitare

Year:   2017