Looks Salon

Looks’ salon at Mumbai’s Seawoods, Grand Central Mall marks the Delhi-based brand’s first foray into western India. The primary design intention was to create a distinctive salon space–inside and out–to help introduce the brand to a new city and create an impact within the fabric of Mumbai’s highly competitive hair and beauty marketplace. Identifying ways in which the brand’s value and identity could be reinforced through the design solution, the final design, therefore, emerges as a reaction to an opportunity: a curvilinear lattice-like structure that blends elements of branding, materiality and function, lending a unique identity to the salon. The spatial layout, planned around an existing structural grid, helps craft a largely free-flowing interior space. Spatial segregation is enabled by the lattice, that expands and contracts to adapt to the shape of the site, distributing the salon’s varied functions into independent spaces across diaphanous partitions.

Location:   Grand Central Mall, Seawood, Mumbai

Area:   1567 sqft

Client:   Looks Salon Pvt. Ltd

Year:   2017