L’Opera Production Centre

Designed as a premise that is virtually maintenance free, the L’Opera Production Centre meets the most stringent qualifications by fulfilling HACCP norms for food hygiene. Without letting the function overruling design and aesthetics, At the centre, the standards followed for designing and implementation of the structure are very high and at par with European norms with respect to electricity, sanitation hygiene and other engineering aspects of the bakery. Materials used in the kitchen cabinets, floors, workstations, cupboards, shelves have been carefully selected to suit cleanliness, ensuring that the best product steps out of this kitchen. It has systematically organized shelves and cabinets for storing essentials which can be easily located. The L’Opera Production Centre is all set to provide a conducive work environment for the chef and the entire team while they work to deliver delectable desserts every day.

Location:   Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Area:   3000 sq.ft.

Client:   French Bakery (P) Ltd

Year:   2010