L’Oreal Training Academy

This Training Academy in Delhi provides a state-of-the-art space for the education of hair and beauty professionals. The Indian counterpart of an international chain, the Academy is consciously enabled with local crafts, materials, and construction technologies. The design solution, therefore, is marked by a highly effective zoning scheme: it crafts largely transformative and multi-functional spaces that blend together seamlessly, creating a benchmark in the design of technical centers. A distinctive space is crafted that feels modern yet rooted in traditional wisdom, successfully highlighting the breadth of Indian architecture and design on a global platform. The training rooms house diverse brands. The architects, therefore, created distinctive spaces for each of them in line with their individual ethos. The design language, however, is largely minimal, tying the whole space together in a single unifying thread.

Location:   New Delhi

Area:   6061 Sq.ft.


Year:   2017