L’Oreal Training Academy, Chennai

L’Oreal Professional Products Division Academy, Chennai is designed as a state-of-the-art centre to train beauty professionals and educate them with the latest product offerings by L’Oreal. The client brief asked for a diverse, multi-functional program with interactive spaces that would blend together seamlessly, providing an opportunity for practical as well as lecture sessions. The zoning scheme places an emphasis on efficiency, which is reflected in the crafting of a transformational space. To facilitate and house a multitude of events simultaneously at different spaces, this larger space is separated by movable partitions and can come together to create a larger transformative, multifunctional space when needed. The interiors are designed with a minimalistic and contemporary aesthetic; a monochromatic colour palette is adopted, making the space look elegant and chic.

Location:   Chennai

Area:   3550 sq ft


Year:   2019