Light Source International (LSI)

The main requirement of the client was to create zones for using his innovative range of lighting products in an integrated manner. There was a conscious effort not to allow the advent of natural light into the building so as to show the lighting product in its maximized  output, while enabling an inherently green approach. Bringing the design inspiration forward, the office layout is open and clear with an open ceiling, exposed services and industrial-duct. Old office furniture was reused and transformed in a contemporary manner and the suspended frames are finished in a clean and raw look. The ultimate success of the layout is in the zoning and complete utilization of the space. With an overall intent to honour the structure and core materials through mindful architectural additions with a focus on detailing, the result has been a facility at par with global standards.


Location:   Sultanpur, New Delhi

Area:   3000 sq.ft.

Client:   Mr. Akash Kakkar

Year:   2014