Mount View Apartments

The Mount View Apartments in Faridabad is a housing project for a co-operative group housing society in a suburban context in NCR. With an unusual T-shaped building layout, every apartment has been designed to allow the advent of natural light and cross ventilation that facilitates its sustainable approach from the core, while creating an identity for the building.

Despite being confronted with various design constraints such as climate, provisions for cross- ventilation and above all privacy for each apartment, not overlooking into another apartment, by-laws, government restrictions and permissions, the built form enables optimum apartment living in the modern day urban lifestyle. The spatial planning is done in a manner that ensures good views and privacy to all the apartments as much as possible. A clean, elegant, simple and an efficient residential apartment complex has been achieved by DCA Architects amidst various contextual and climatic constraints.


Location:   Faridabad, Haryana

Area:   229.40 sq.m.

Client:   Mr Naresh Khanna and Mr Praful Khanna

Year:   Proposed