Park Avenue

Park Avenue is an extension of the renowned house of Raymond, synonymous with the finest quality of fabrics. group DCA was associated with the brand from 2003 to 2010 and has been instrumental in creating a unique identity for Park Avenue. Quality and Modernity are the core values of the Brand and every subsequent innovation imbibes the same.

Park Avenue Women was designed separately adhering to the essential core values. At group DCA, every challenge is seen as an opportunity to discover a new possibility for expansion in the realm of potential. The approach is contemporary yet classic, a soft palette white with a mixture of pink and lilac was used to authenticate the store with feminine undercurrents. A special and striking feature was the women trial rooms designed with intricate detailing and special attention to the needs of women. The trial rooms bear mood lighting with settings that would change as per the requirements of the client. A crisp,  modern  approach to  designing has been adopted to live up to the standards and incorporate the core values of the store.


Location:   Pune, Maharashtra

Area:   268.68 sq.m.

Client:   Raymond Apparel (P) Ltd.

Year:   2006