Partners | Amit Aurora &  Rahul Bansal |Initiating a paradigm shift in Design Trends

Spearheading group DCA are architects Amit Aurora and Rahul Bansal, who graduated in 1993 from the esteemed School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), New Delhi. Both the partners, through their individual expertise have contributed towards the firm’s robust image in the design industry, with a special focus on delivering design excellence and innovation. With their dedication towards contextual and sustainable designs, inspiring young talent and nurturing human relations, today, they lead an energized and enthusiastic team of over 40 professionals.

Initiating their relationship from the time they stepped into the School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), in 1988, they worked together as a team on various academic projects. Upon graduating, they moved on their individual paths to explore and enhance their own interests and diverse skill-sets, until 1996 when they joined hands together with a vision to augment the design quotient in the country. Working with the best consultants in the industry, Rahul and Amit’s intent is to deliver unique, context-specific, cost – effective and sensitive designs. In doing that, they have emerged as trend-setters in the design world. Their inimitable style and distinctive design approach can be appreciated in the architecture and interior design of residences, customized boutique spaces, commercial complexes, luxury boutiques, retail stores as well as the more popular restaurants and cafes, setting new trends that have now become benchmarks in the design fraternity.