Amour Bistro

Set in the heart of New Delhi, Amour bistro is crafted with an intent of creating a native, effortless ambience that is unaffected by the surrounding urban chaos. The restaurant‘s look is manifested through a wild mix of urban pulse and human warmth. With the design intent of a combination of simplistic, minimal elements and earthy tones, Amour is representative of purity, integrity and an amalgam of tradition and modernity. The color scheme extends indoors, where the furniture is made of fine materials that are inspired by a vintage‐style and the rustic color finishes are offset by means of a brick backdrop, painted in white. With a heightened ambience of luxury and appeal, the Amour restaurant is designed using intrinsic design features, devoid of extraneous decorative elements, therefore creating a classic space, symbolic of simplistic, elegant design.

Location:   Malcha Marg, New Delhi

Area:   950 sq.ft.

Client:   Mr. Randeep Bajaj

Year:   2013