Pansari Residence

The residence in Kolkata is designed on a single floor plate of a multi-storey building, with an inherited shell structure. Conceived as an unadulterated space, the existing structural grid is used as the reference for the layout of various rooms, using the site constraint as an advantage for the design process. With a blank slate available for innovation in design, most of the components from the floor, ceiling to the furniture pieces are bespoke and customized to the needs of the clients. Walls are built to define the spaces in exposed brickwork to add warmth and enhance the character of the house. An individual selection of furnishings and accessories ensures a holistic approach in order to synthesize the elements to create a harmonious setting for the family. This residence embodies the amalgamation of a contemporary language of design, technology and local craftsmanship to create an eclectic semblance to the house that gives it an instant connect with its inhabitants.

Location:   Kolkata, West Bengal

Area:   2450 sq.ft.

Client:   Primarc

Year:   2016