Rolex is a brand that is guided by a culture of excellence in all its endeavors, whether reaching for an unrivaled blend of technical perfection and functionality or aesthetics in watch-making. With its brand ethos of delivering perfection and utmost quality, Rolex commissions the finest buildings for its worldwide operations. group DCA has been associated with this global brand for a long time and are the principal architects and execution partners for all Rolex point of sales and boutiques in India. While designing their boutiques, their brand identity and legacy is paramount to make the stores look at par with their global brand value. Due to its pan-India presence, the challenge was to modify the design, detailing and implementation according to the different shapes and sizes of boutiques available. group DCA along with the brand’s in house interior design team in Geneva have focused on the process of interior detailing, including the minute details to create a luxurious in-store design that speaks for itself. As one enters the Rolex store, an aura reverberating the passionate tale of absolute luxury and elegant taste pervades. Whilst the lighting fixtures and the marble stone are from Italy, the premium, bespoke and immaculately finished furniture has been completely manufactured in India by group DCA.

Location:   Pune, Maharashtra

Area:   59 sq.m.

Client:   CT Pundole & Sons

Year:   2016