Arora Residence

Embracing varied design sensibilities, DCA Architects shape the residence in Sainik Farms, inspired by the unconventional artistic taste of the client. Richly detailed, the residence provides a sumptuous visual feast with interest in every corner. Colours were selected according to mood of the space. The aesthetics of the completed home as “a fusion of multiple design elements merged into one space while simultaneously celebrating each object’s individuality. It can be described as a marriage of ideas enhancing and complementing one another which births a unique balance. The home abounds with an array of textures, colours and materials. To sum up the experience of this striking residence the client says, “It is the cultivation of many thoughts fused to form one story.”

Location:   Sainik Farms, New Delhi

Area:   6870 sq.ft.

Client:   Mr. Sanjay Arora

Year:   2014