Showroom for A Class Marble

The newly constructed showroom for A Class marbles was premeditated to push forward the legacy and lineage of the brand. Serving the industry for more than a decade, the client’s legacy traced back generations to the early 1970s, when the Bhandaris trotted the globe in search for the finest marbles.Spanning across two floors, the facility has been designed to be a retail store that is amalgamated trustfully with the hospitality services. The clients wanted the customer experience to be holistic. The brief called for a design that would let customers be the honored guests of the business, and not just an additional deal in the book. Envisaged as an experience centre, the planning comprises of retail display spaces, a central experience area, guest rooms and traditional culinary facilities for the customers as well as all assorted facilities necessary for the main showroom.

Location:   Kishangarh , Rajasthan

Area:   52300 sqf

Client:   A Class Marbles

Year:   2017