Showroom for Khanna Jewellers

Spread across two floors, this luxury brand sells gold and platinum on the ground floor, while the upper floor is reserved for diamond jewellery, catering to exclusive clients. The intention to create mystery has been kept constant, leading the visitors into a lobby cum waiting space, from where buyers can move towards the retail counters. The store consists of a reception cum waiting space, multiple display bays, a VIP lounge, an administration office, multiple owner counters to offer personal attention, strong rooms, and satellite storage areas along with ancillaries. A necessity to make the space formal and royal, fixated the focus on a design that was clinically symmetric. A classical design approach with a coordinated orientation has been achieved by providing neat, well-laid and clean spaces that abide by the local and overall symmetry.

Location:   South Ex , New Delhi

Area:   1650 sqft

Client:   Khanna Jewellers

Year:   2018