Visage Training Centre

Designed for a well-known skin care brand O3+, the Visage training centre in Noida is spread across 2000sq.ft. serveing as a learning place for all its staff. Group DCA was briefed to transform this into a space that is conducive to learning, yet provides a calm, comfortable and soothing environment that resonated with the brand ethos. The spatial planning has been enabled in a manner that one enters into the reception area, which welcomes the visitor into a tranquil space. The design of the ceiling in wood accentuates the ceiling, while highlighting the space and lending it a unique identity. The training centre is equipped with high-class technology and lets the training staff gain practical experience, before stepping out into the real arena. A Clinical colour and theme, that is prevalent world-wide is followed for the skin care rooms, yet is designed in a manner that adds warmth, character and comfort to the space.

Location:   Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Area:   2150 sq.ft.

Client:   Visage Beauty & Health Care (P) Ltd.

Year:   2016