Located in the upscale Khan Market in Central Delhi, the Ahujasons store houses traditional, luxurious and hand-crafted products across varied segments from casual daily wear to high-end heritage shawls. The design brief from the client enforced a strategy that would target an array of customers across all segments and showcase the selected range of products in each category amidst a luxurious setting, while being subtle in display with an attempt to make traditional products fashionable in the modern-day context. A small, narrow site of 500 sq ft posed to be the primary design constraint with a brief to incorporate the entire range of products whilst ensuring that every product and category would stand out in a unique manner of its own. The design of the store is minimalist, extremely practical and luxurious, where an unconventional approach to retail design has been adopted.


Location:   Khan Market, New Delhi

Area:   435 sq. ft.

Client:   Ahujasons Shawl Wale (P) Ltd

Year:   2015