Our Team

Founded in 1996,
group DCA is a multidisciplinary design firm jointly headed by
architects Amit Aurora and Rahul Bansal.

Amit Aurora

Partner, group DCA

Amit’s expertise lies in designing for the longevity of the design aesthetic and functionality, while being able to create the required balance in design without any excesses of elements. Amit believes that he may not be the creator of trends, but perceives shifts early enough such that the design has a durable invocation. As an architect and designer, his work is exemplary and creates a statement in the way he puts elements together. A conscious effort is made to use local, sustainable materials/ technology, which reinforces traditional crafts and skillsets of the craftsmen, while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Cv       Amit Aurora

Rahul Bansal

Partner, group DCA

With a strong belief in Redefining Luxury with Simplicity, Longevity and Value Engineering, Rahul specializes in Practical & Cost-effective designs, which come together to create the ‘Luxury Experience’. His in-depth knowledge and experience in the use of design elements & material (be it old or new) goes a long way in achieving a brand’s vision within the set parameters. He has a keen eye for detail and hence loves to stay involved in the mechanisms & processes of design as well as production of elements. This in turn ensures a Durable Design for both spaces & its design elements.

Cv       Rahul Bansal

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