Hunka Hunka Town

Set amidst the urban backdrop of central Chandigarh, this restaurant is a space where the design speaks of its intention, and endorses the theme it was designed and built upon. Hunka Hunka Town came up with the idea of returning to the roots, a hang-out corner paying its tribute to the sixties and seventies of rock and roll, which defined music and lifestyles in the coming years.

This small restaurant, which focuses on the emerging pop trends of the sixties and seventies, was executed keeping in mind the specific requirements of the client. Following a retro background to portray the old school rock, this place has successfully been able to recreate that feeling to make it coherent to the young and contemporary. By tapping into people’s desire to feel a sense of belonging and meaning, groupDCA has conceptualized the restaurant with an emotion that connects with their audience.

Location:   Chandigarh

Area:   2065 Sqft.

Client:   Mr. Sachin

Year:   2018