Jindal Residence

The design of the Jindal Residence began as an exercise in trying to provide personally identifiable living spaces to all members of the client family–spanning three generations–under one roof. The primary challenge was to craft individualistic spaces within the home, while retaining a larger singular theme that would bind the whole residence together. Following the brief from the client, distinctive personalized elements are added in bedrooms to reflect the individual interests and sensibilities of its users; this includes a large world-map backdrop in the teenaged boy’s room, and a ceiling-hanging jhoola (swing) in the teenaged girl’s room. The larger décor, however, carries the same materiality throughout the residence to weave a metaphorical thread around the home.

Location:   Punjabi Bagh (W), New Delhi

Area:   2950 sq ft

Client:   Mr. Jindal

Year:   2017