Munjal Holdings

Located at the Global Business Park, Gurugram, this personal office of Mr. Ashok Munjal has been designed to reflect Mr Munjal`s personal taste and lifestyle in a format suited for a corporate office. The architects conceived a design amalgamating form and functionality, so that it does not look like a typical office. Conceptualized as an example of classic architecture, the intent has been to create unparalleled sophistication and luxury with light colored walls and a high false ceiling. The visitor is taken through the space by means of subtle meandering flooring patterns in exquisite Italian marble, whilst breaking the monotony of spaces. Conceived as an exemplar of business houses using their décor as an extension of the client’s vision and visionaries’ personality, the design incorporates the best artwork, ultra-luxe furniture that augments the larger vision.

Location:   Global Business Park, Gurugram

Area:   3038 sq.ft.

Client:   Mr. Ashok Munjal and Mr. Bimal

Year:   2015