Nandos Office

The client brief demanded a dynamic, playful and vibrant space for their young team. Thus, the design breaks away from the monotony of dull, stereotypical workplaces, and instead augments the chain’s international aesthetic whilst showcasing its emphasis on art. With a sense of place in the Indian context, an eclectic stance is adopted to enliven the space and create a playful working environment that is fun and edgy. The site inherited was a long linear floor plate with windows along its edge; optimizing the form and maximizing the window frontage planned with North-South orientation, the spatial planning exploits the site to funnel people inside, from an open, wider reception to the more private, meeting rooms inside. Dividing the long linear corridor into a series of interactive spaces, the monotony is broken by arranging the working cabins and open areas in a manner that the corridor always seemed interesting. Combining casual and minimalist aspects into this energetic space, on one side, a large artwork renders various frames. Nando’s as an organization, supports local talent and an art foundation that is a patron and collector of Southern African Art. Therefore, the curated art pieces on the walls have been exclusively picked from this foundation to showcase the art of the region and add an element of mystique to the walls.

Location:   Gurugram

Area:   377 sq.m

Client:   Nandos

Year:   2016