Amour Bistro, New Delhi

Category: Hospitality
Location: New Delhi
Area: 968.75 sq.ft
Client: RVN Hospitality
Year: 2018

Craft Experiences- for Engagement I Spaces that breathe and spaces that don’t scream


Set in the heart of New Delhi, Amour bistro is crafted with an intent to create a native, effortless ambience unaffected by the surrounding urban chaos. The bistro‘s look is manifested through a wild mix of urban pulse and human warmth. Similar to the expat community neighbourhood, the facade has undergone a major retrofit with structural implications, by means of new openings. An open space philosophy is adopted to enable efficiency and creation of an orderly seating plan.

A relaxing dining space is dotted with black painted metal chairs that are paired with sand-blasted custom-made chairs and bespoke‐designed wall lights. The furniture is vintage‐style and the rustic color finishes are offset by means of a brick backdrop, painted in white. The floor is laid with hand tumbled sand-stones from Nitco tile.

Three-dimensionality of the walls is achieved through steel grooming that houses an excellent range of high‐end wines, the colors of which add a third dimension to the space. The double height in the inner part of the restaurant is augmented with an antique mirror on one side, complementing the life size sculpture of a music orchestra , overlooking from the balcony on the other side.


The maximized glazing acts as a layer to let the bistro function seamlessly through all seasons, allowing visitors to enjoy each space in year-round weather conditions.

The wooden trellis, tall windows, a stone feature wall and yellow planter boxes, all add to the aesthetics and become a symbol of an elegant design.