AN John, Kolkata

Category: Wellness and Leisure
Location: Kolkata
Area: 600 sq ft
Client: AN John
Year: 2014

Innovate- through adaptation I Redefining the old to create a new identity

Fasten- Form & Function I People & Spaces

An open and inviting salon in the heart of a mall, providing a sense of luxury and privacy to its clientele. The space is organized in a simple and efficient way.

Walls and partitions are minimized so that there is more walking space. The linear details done on the walls and the suspended light fixtures from an exposed ceiling have a very mesmerizing effect.

The small space is hugely enhanced and dramatized by the angular placement of mirrors that cause myriad of reflections.

In an effort to achieve client’s requirement of having a luxury salon with low maintenance , Acrylic solid surface and black lacquered glass on walls with a combination of kadappa stone and vinyl flooring has been used

Placement of retail, visuals and mirror in the small reception area engages the passerby and sets the tone for the salon. The front desk allows to focus its attention strictly on arriving and departing guests yet giving hint to clients what’s happening inside.