Anand Jewels, Bhopal

Category: Retail
Location: Bhopal
Area: 3689 Sq. Ft.
Client: Anand Jewels (Indore) Pvt. Ltd.
Year: 2020

Anand Jewels and groupDCA have shared a professional relationship lasting up to almost two decades, wherein the design consortium has been able to witness the brand’s trajectory of growth from inception to its thriving success today.

The retail venue at hand is a part of the DB Mall, Bhopal; the anomalous profile of the site fuelled the thought process behind the creation of an engaging and unconventional internal layout. Kudos to the unusual shape of the site at hand, the ingenious layout created is atypical in its character. It allows a patron to enter and curiously discover the spaces as they unfurl successively, revealing the spectrum of diverse pieces that are segregated genre-wise under categories of Gold, Diamonds, Kundan, Polki, etc.

With a clear directive in terms of its pragmatic function and visual aesthetics, the design approach essentially becomes a sum of deliberate and impactful interventions that weave together the palette of the venue. The bespoke wall modules and vitrines have been rendered in a dark wood finish with undertones of burgundy and deep blue hues that punctuate them suavely. A curated medley of tables, warm teal-hued armchairs, ornate table lamps and display modules have been pieced together with a penchant for detail, creating a milieu that is functionally responsive and immersed in quiet luxury.

The central secular jewellery display counter introduces elements of gilded jaali work, creating an objet d’art that anchors the space and a detail that gets carried through in various segments of the store as a leitmotif. The positioning of mirrors in the store has been devised to amplify the reflections abundantly; bevelled vertical mirrors grace the space, creating a sense of expanse and grandeur.

The monochrome flooring pattern is dapper and minimalistic; the checkered pattern in the heart of the layout layers the spaces with a visually distinctive character. Staying true to the clean lines that dot the space, the coffered ceiling takes its cue from the crisp geometry displayed across the flooring of the store.

The VIP zone of the blueprint assumes centre stage within the narrative. This section in the store witnesses the juxtaposition of colour and elements of gold in an unabashed and bold persona against the pristine overarching neutral tones. The inspiration stems from the fanfare of sumptuous Indian weddings, wherein bright hues, traditional nuances, and heirloom jewellery become intrinsic parts of the celebrations.


Anand Jewels with its new branch under the spotlight nods to the coalition amidst the past and the present, wherein an old-world charm has been garbed in a contemporary identity while exemplifying India’s position in the world as a connoisseur of crafted tradition.