Anjlika, Gurugram

Category: Hospitality
Location: Gurugram
Area: 1610 sq ft
Client: Sumit Goel
Year: 2014

Innovate- through adaptation I Redefining the old to create a new identity

Unearth- the Unconventional I To redefine retail where efficiency becomes the key

Located in an upscale, premium mall on the Golf Course road, Gurgaon, Anjlika is a traditional confectionery store with a modern design. There is a noticeable shift from the traditional confectionery to the mainstream modern day market.

A small seating area has been crafted alongside a bookshelf and coffee machine to encourage people to spend more time in the store. The main conceptual objective was to create a welcoming environment, where one can be introduced to the pleasures of authenticity.


An interesting part of the store design is the exposed ceiling with wooden rafters with stunning jaali patterns. The central area with wooden rafters helps concealing the service area of the store.

The USP of the store is the big branding signage on the outside which is to attract the attention of people from far off. Through the store all the signages are LED under lit and each alphabet is a solid acrylic free standing alphabet with a marquetry running behind it to make it very catchy.

The image of the space, is defined in the choice of materials (oak wood and Italian flooring), the palette of chosen colours, and the custom-designed furnishing. The Italian flooring with subtle geometric inlay patterns lends a modern and contemporary look and feel. The store design succeeds in creating a cozy environment of unique styles with details.