Da Milano, Noida

Category: Retail
Location: Noida
Area: 700 sq.ft
Client: Da Milano
Year: 2016

Exercise- the Eclectic I Create a design through the rawness of the space

The international retail chain, Da Milano store in suburban NCR at The Mall of India, Noida,aims to exemplify the brand and its core values. In executing the design for this retail outlet, the challenge for group DCA was to exhibit their wide range of products in a small premise.


The display modules and the wall counters are designed such that the products get maximum visual exposure.

The interiors are kept bright and shiny, filled with colors creating a bright, youthful space. The store is alive and potrays a vibrant exuberance to offset the classic accessories and products.

This retail store gives its customers an experience to cherish right from the time they step in and set their eyes upon the Da Milano range.