DLF Capital Greens Residence, New Delhi

Category: Residences
Location: New Delhi
Client: Dinesh
Year: 2019

Live Life- through Design I Where Less becomes More

The design in an existing structure  was successfully achieved by the treatment of the walls, services, beam bottoms and columns. The constructed elements were worked upon to achieve symmetry and a sense of decluttered space. The entrance opens up to the living area and dining area, placed across from each other.

Received as a pre-constructed structure, the residence  was an exercise to develop a keen eye for finer details and evolution of spatial use in the practice of interior designing. With a number of local restrictions and bye-laws, the structure could be modified only to a certain extent in converging with the design intervention.

To achieve a clean finish, a curvilinear cavity runs from one beam bottom to another, rendering a royal ambience to the lounge. This adds another adaptive design intervention, unique to the project. The incorporation and placement of decorative lights along with the artefacts is bespoke which has enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the house as a whole.

 The differentiation in perception for various spaces has been made elegantly through the selection of wall colours, the single colour of the furniture – oak wood in natural finish, the colour of the flooring in the living and dining areas and the ceiling connecting the entire house harmoniously in a theme.

The fabrics and the upholstery — all have been handpicked providing a sense of warmth and also, a dynamic aura. The seemingly abstract use of colours, decorative elements and the artefacts have been balanced well.

Rather than a dedicated Pooja room, the outer wall in the dining area has been embellished with the idols of the Gods and Goddesses with a mirror back. The incorporation of mirror reflects the fine carvings on the idols which enhances the overall appearance.

The design rendition of each space is bespoke with its own origin story as that of the family lounge and the master bedroom in terms of colour scheme, materials and style of furniture. The furniture used is completely bespoke and executed by group DCA’s Workshop. The master bedroom, to stand out, has been finished with engineered boards in a herringbone pattern.