Category: Retail
Area: 2000 - 6000 sq.ft
Client: Ethos

Customize I Imbibe thought and Imbibe Intent


To redefine its flagship luxury stores, Ethos signed up with group DCA to design its retail identity and spearhead a massive rollout of all formats.

Modern luxury was the key word, right from the facade, layout, interior elements, colour scheme, materials, lighting etc.


The lighting is boutique style, only highlighting the displays and the general areas are relatively under lit. The ring shaped chandeliers are arrayed to give a strong brand recall, and also symbolise the watch dials “floating in space”


The wooden modules designed for the different brands, seamlessly blend with the brand furniture rendering a homogenous feel. Greys and wood are the key colours with accent of champagne gold for the luxe factor. This is used on the various trims and profiles and on the abstract and artistic trellis on the lower facia of all the generic watch counters.


While some watch brands insist on their own brand furniture, these brands can be clubbed to create an aesthetic balance. group DCA developed a whole line of generic furniture and elements for these boutiques, which included wall modules, counters, island counter,vitrines,large av walls, light fittings etc etc.


The bouquet of materials and generic furniture created for all projects are a blend of these elements. There are custom designed table lamps, proportioned to suit the watch counter to add an element of accentuated illumination.  group DCA identified key “hot” walls which strategically take a backlit visuals. These add to the ambiance both aesthetically and formally.