Hunka Hunka Town, Chandigarh

Category: Hospitality
Location: Chandigarh
Area: 2065 sq.ft
Year: 2017

Craft Experiences- for Engagement I Spaces that Imbibe the surroundings And the people


This restaurant is a space where the design speaks of its intention, and endorses the theme it was built upon, Hunka Hunka.

The leather chairs at the bar sit in perfect harmony with the matte black finish of the bar counter. The liquor counters at the back are constructed in a staggered pattern, offering charming views.


The design involved an understanding of utilizing contemporary sensibilities to create an aesthetic that is archaic and contextual to an era. Visualized as a social experience for millennial consumers, the whole ambience of the restaurant lends an immersive form of nostalgia.


A minimal color palette paired with the light finish of the walls, the combination of double seaters and suede leather finish sofas provide a soothing space for relaxation. The walls have posters displaying iconic rock legends and vinyl records that have been sourced from multiple places. Guitars, gramophones and other antiquities have been sourced, curated and placed on careful display.


A chequered terrazzo chessboard floor and a predominant black and white theme transports you to the ages when monochrome was the new trend. The central seating features a long series of lighting fixtures arranged in parallels; the custom made fixtures are made from old vinyl recordings especially sourced to provide an aura unmatched.



Following a retro background to portray the old school rock, this place has successfully recreated the feeling to make it coherent to the young and contemporary. It is a hang-out corner paying tribute to the sixties and seventies of rock and roll, which defined music and lifestyles for the coming years.