JD Solitaire Office, New Delhi

Category: Workspaces
Location: New Delhi
Area: 500 sq.ft
Client: JD Solitaire
Year: 2017

Unearth- the Unconventional I Opening the eyes and the soul to unearth what already exists


An office space that has been carved out to offer an energetic and a functionally viable space for young entrepreneurs. Planned as a project on a leasing model, a major consideration in the design was ‘Value Engineering’- i.e. the ratio of function to cost, with an intent to strategize a scheme that would deliver the best design within a minimal financial investment. To ensure this, group DCA crafted a design vocabulary that would maximize the bang for the buck.

The design intent has been to create a trendy, easy to move-in office space, that is high on design. A variety of materials, colors, and textures along with suitable lighting create a symphony within the space, thereby accentuating the design quotient. Planned with a bare and raw aesthetic, the entire space is bathed in informal elements of design, while imbibing an overall formal ambience.

Along the length, glass cubicles line the common workspace, enhancing visual transparency and openness. The walls have been raised in raw concrete blocks and brick cladding, providing a rustic look.

A community working table in the center provides for team discussions and brainstorming sessions. The office offers a common lounge to facilitate meetings and business discussions in place of a formal conference room.

The counters are all done in mango wood with a steel black skinner finish, which enables a warm, yet contemporary aesthetic. The partitions have been created using ropes to demarcate the workstations, whilst allowing for visual access throughout the space