Le Marche, Gurugram

Category: Retail
Location: Gurugram
Area: 7000 Sq.Ft.
Client: Marche Retail Pvt. Ltd.
Year: 2019


With large floor plate retail destinations gaining momentum in India, groupDCA was brought on board by Le Marche (translates to ‘The Market’ in French) to align the brand’s identity and the spatial design scheme of their newest branch.  The impetus stemmed from the need to recalibrate the retailer’s vision through design interventions while ensuring an immersive curated retail experience.


The storefront is composed of classic, black-bodied wainscoting panelling that extends as sectioned glazing, offering expansive views of the store’s interiors. The vermillion logo signage assumes centerstage, complementing the eminently witnessed monochrome color palette. 

The anterior section of the store has been designed taking cues from the organic and lively layout of the bustling bazaars and communal marketplaces common in towns and cities. 

The left-hand side hosts the cash desk and the right side is earmarked by a salad bar, cheese variety display, and an open-oven pizzeria. The central zone consists of gondolas that house the latest product inventory and fresh produce.


The rear portion of the Le Marche store anchors a dedicated cold cuts section and a wine and beverages boutique. This offers the customers independent enclosed areas to shop for these products in the form of separate rooms integrated into the layout while keeping the schematic services intact; imagined as shopping for select items under the roof of one larger centralized store.


As a venue that offers an extensive range of world foods, household items and other staples, navigation within the store needed to be prioritised. The monochrome colour scheme becomes the leitmotif at Le Marche, building on the brand recall sentiment via the materials and finishes. 

The broadly black and white interiors are timeless in nature, and they also create a distinctive visual identity. The harlequin checkered floors, the stretches of monochrome tiles, the sleek metal partition systems, and the light wood tones punctuate the blueprint as binding threads of design. 

At Le Marche, groupDCA has helmed the endeavour of reimagining and planning the primary retail design of the brand while curating a premium shopping experience. The pivotal creative penchant has been to transform the chore of visiting a departmental store into a sumptuous and appealing retail visit that strikes a chord with the end-user through evocative design.