Looks Salons

Category: Wellness and Leisure
Client: Looks Salon Pvt. Ltd.

Looks Salon, Seawood, Mumbai

The design solution, a curvilinear lattice-like structure blends elements of branding, materiality and function, lending a unique identity to the salon. The lattice has been modelled to cut across the front demising-line, piercing through the salon’s glass façade, creating a distinct first impression.

Looks, Juhu Marriott, Mumbai

This is a design that emulates the opulence of the hotel’s luxe ambience— coherent with the spatial context. The welcome area has a chic and warm reception, lit with bespoke, classical chandeliers. Being a longitudinal layout, from the reception area, a narrow passageway opens up into the styling zone where hairstyling, makeup, etc. are offered. 



This section of the Marriott salon follows a gradient plan with styling units that are mounted against the wall; the strategic stationing of mirrors of the styling units enhances the spaciousness and simultaneously, the chandeliers elevate the experience. At the rear end of the styling section, a node provides access to other sections such as the pedicure and facial spa, backwash, shower and a pantry — which need more privacy

Looks Salon, Connaught Place, New Delhi

A dynamic heritage site was converted and re-done to utilize the grandeur of the height of the space. The long sheer curtains along with the chandeliers give it a classical and stylish look. The mood board of the treatment rooms is placid and calm through the use of dark wooden textured vinyl and coco bole veneered furniture.



The staircase leads one to the long and narrow entrance .The antique mirrored passage area is beautifully designed to retain the visitor’s interest.


Looks Salon, Cyberhub, Gurugram

Multi-functional, full height wooden partitions and screens have been used as display counters along with storage cabinets. The cement flooring with Heritage tiles inlaid between metal frames is one of the interesting elements. They serve as carpets and tie the whole space together, which helps define nodal points in the salon.


Looks Salon, GK 2, New Delhi

A minimalist design highlighted and enhanced through exposed walls, ceiling and services painted in white.