L’Opera, Civil Lines, Delhi

Category: Hospitality
Location: Civil Lines, Delhi
Area: 2350 Sq. Ft.
Client: French Bakery Pvt. Ltd.
Year: 2019

Owned and operated by a French family, L’Opera is a chain of French Cuisine cafes that emerged purely out of their passion for gourmet French bakery products due to non-availability of any authentic Viennese, breads, cakes, pastries, and savouries in India. Today L’Opera has expanded into a full-fledged Food and Beverage chain, widely respected by one and all and a pioneer in its space.

L’Opera appointed groupDCA as their single point design consultants and execution and implementation partners and the firm has been a part of the brand’s journey from the beginning. Following an introspective design philosophy groupDCA has developed a design dialogue for the brand, connecting the people to its theme and identity. Looking back at the brand reception and refining the same while moving forward helped groupDCA achieve the L’Opera impact.

For the current expansion of L’Opera into the Salon de Thé concept and more experiential cafes, a three-tier approach has been adopted. The front area gives the ambience of a bistro allowing spaces for casual meet-ups and conversations. The next part, the fine dining area, is quieter and the furniture also accordingly coincides for the intended function. And, then the third part, sofa style booth seating areas are meant to accommodate larger gatherings. This design layout has been successful to showcase and represent the lively bistro culture. For groupDCA, to bring that polished experience to Delhi was a great opportunity to have a lasting impact in the food and beverage industry.

The interiors are elegant and luxurious, exuding the quintessential French sentiment. French accent has been kept alive through key elements, such as decorative lighting, hanging lamps, chandeliers, French inspired furniture and of course the art. While deciding between the luxury design elements and materials to be used, the ease of maintenance was a criterion that was observed. The final outcome is a fine balance between: design – luxury – care.



Combination of black and gold is used in finer details to add to the chic component. The facades have been extremely important for all L’Opera outlets; metal glass and dark grey slates and granites are punctuated with a fresh design of the main signage, which is dark blue and gold. Beveled mirror design has been used to create a multiple reflection and depth look. It’s usage is very effective and making the space grandeur.

Just as the desserts at L’Opera, the ambient sense of the space does not disappoint. As L’Opera continues to expand to other cities, group DCA, hopes to continue to outdo itself with every outlet and bring the classic Parisian experience to one and all, imbibing its values and design ideology to bring an extraordinary experience to the table.