Category: Hospitality
Client: L’Opera

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L’Opera and group DCA: Traversing a journey of a decade together

The French Pâtisserie, Boulangerie and Salon de Thé (Tea Room), L’Opera, commissioned group DCA to design and execute their outlets from Day 1. The interiors are elegant and luxurious, exuding the quintessential French sentiment.


L’Opera, Nehru Place: A pergola was designed as a part of the main building to create a complete outdoor experience. The design was enhanced with the outdoor furniture and street lamps. A plush outdoor seating is created, and the interiors house an ambiance of a quaint cafe.



Pastels and rich colours used in tandem with each other, infuse a richness in the spaces and add to the contrast. Lighting for L’Opera has been done strategically; hanging lights directly over the display along with soft yet abundant lighting throughout the store. Fitted with Louis XVI style furniture in wood and marble top tables adorning white and pastel carnations, the outlets embody Parisian refinement.



DCA Workshop, one of the two wings of group DCA, has embellished the interiors of the spaces with its own bespoke furniture; oval back chairs with carved arm-rests, rich fabric and woven style make the space warm, and aesthetically resonant to its aura.

The see and be seen atmosphere is enhanced with the floor to ceiling glass façade. The italian stone flooring and tile clad walls come together to form an amazing combination keeping in sync with the store interiors.