L’Oreal PPDA

Category: Wellness and Leisure
Client: L’Oreal Professionals Products Division Academy

Fasten- Form & Function I Integrating People & The Building and People & Spaces


The L’Oreal Training Academy, Delhi provides a state-of-the-art space for a diverse functional program ,that can accommodate the business and training requirements of various brands, while simultaneously providing flexible spaces to host events. The design solution, is marked by a highly effective zoning scheme.

An attempt was made to retain the central space by placing the other functions along the edges of the odd-shaped parcel.



The spatial layout is transformable: the reception area can be combined with the two training rooms to create a larger space for diverse functions – training sessions, lectures, small and large events.  Movable partitions and custom designed movable furniture allows for  a lot of flexibility on the floor.


The L’Oreal Training Academy, Chennai – In response to the site setting and orientation, spatial planning has been organised to maximize daylight ingress. To cater the need for auditory privacy, the partition tresses on the ceilings have been acoustically treated; emulating the form of tresses of hair. The use of the green wall helps create a healthy indoor environment by encouraging engagement with nature. Abundant treated fresh air is brought in through the air conditioning system as well.



The design language is largely minimal, tying the whole space together in a single unifying thread. The decor theme employs natural materials and finishes: exposed brick and concrete, furniture in oak-wood, and a mix of full-bodied vitrified tiles and checkered terrazzo for the flooring. The plastered concrete ceiling and the exposed services lend a raw and rough ambience.


The L’Oreal Training Academy, Mumbai – A cohesive approach to sustainability is adopted in this design where all the parameters of the Platinum LEED Certification are efficiently met in the areas of Construction Management, Energy and Atmosphere, Material and Resources, Water etc.