Milium International Office, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

Category: Workspaces
Location: Business Bay, Dubai, UAE
Area: 2800 Sq. Ft.
Client: Milium International
Year: 2021

Located on the 15th floor of The Opus, Dubai, Millium International is a new-age office space that transcends conventional hierarchies. Influenced by the fluid, sculptural building it resides in – planned and executed by the innovative Zaha Hadid Architects – the design intent of the layout breaks down rigid social and interpersonal systems in a professional environment.

As the building is set amidst the concrete landscape of Dubai’s Business Bay and bestowed with an abundance of direct sunlight, indoor plants are strategically placed to breathe life into the soothing neutral tones of the space and add freshness, the biophilic element subtly improving overall health and well-being of the employees. 

The skewed layout respects and represents the building’s original form. At this contemporary office, formal and informal meeting areas are designed to flow into one another. At the entrance, an array of seating arrangements, including a bespoke community table, offer multiple break out zones. 


The main office floor is largely one-dimensional, and the floating acoustical fins on the ceiling line up in clean configurations that enhance the linearity of the space and the rawness of the concrete flooring. The modern carpeting adds a second layer of sound protection to ensure utmost privacy. 

The soft colour palette serves as an inspiration with the warm wood-clad surroundings and modern chairs. The end goal is to strike the right balance between less and more.