Munjal Holdings Office, Gurugram

Category: Workspaces
Location: Gurugram
Area: 3038 sq.ft
Client: Sunbeam Auto
Year: 2015

Fasten – Form & Function I Fusing the People and the Space


The design intent was simple yet elegant; conceptualised as an example of classic architecture with light colored walls and a high false ceiling. The panels crafted on walls, using light colored materials are designed thoughtfully to house artwork. These panels serve as frames, outlining and highlighting each piece of art immaculately.

The ceilings are high with vaults, domes and coves running throughout adding character to the Classic style. Chandeliers adorn the critical points in the ceiling , allowing maximum visibility to the grandeur.

Wooden blinds on the windows give a formal look to the office and a classically styled premise. The furniture is ultra luxe, in hues of dark brown creating  a contrast to the prevalent light colours all around.

TheMunjal office is a perfect example of business houses using their décor as an extension of their vision and personality.

The flooring is exquisite Italian marble with subtle patterns meandering through . A very neat geometry is created on the floor, breaking the monotony of uniform continuity.